MVBC’s annual Foundations Offering will be collected at this year’s Church Family Meeting on Sunday, November 22, 2020. This year’s goal is $40,000, and the focus of the offering will be on continuing worship center improvements and upgrades. Also, 10% of the total offering given will fund local missions projects and 10% of the total offering given will fund international missions projects. An online giving option for Foundations will also be available through Realm for those who prefer. Please pray about how God would have you be a part of this year’s offering.


Foundations 2020 information


  • New front stage lighting (completed 2017)
  • New platform back/overhead lighting with color wall wash (completed April 2020)
  • New drum set enclosure on rolling riser (July 2020)

Ongoing Improvements:

  • Relocating command/control center for recording/live streaming worship from downstairs to upstairs in existing audio/visual space

Upcoming Improvements:

  • Risers: remove large carpeted risers, and add new modular risers that will seat up to 40 adults in different configurations.
  • New chairs for risers
  • Stairs from Choir Room corridor: remove 11 stairs leading up to choir loft, and replace with an easier pathway from the choir room to the platform, equivalent to about 5 stairs.
  • Painting Worship Center back wall the same color