Join us March 24-25 for a season of prayer and proclamation of God’s Word designed to help us better understand God’s vision for MVBC in our faith family, our community, and our world.  This conference will feature challenges from multiple speakers, each emphasizing one of our church’s core values:

P – Proclaimed Word and Purposeful Prayer
R – Relational Authenticity
I – Incarnate Mission
S – Structured Discipleship
M – Multigenerational Community

This event is for the entire family and will feature a fellowship meal on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Please contact Joan Agnor in the church office at to register for the meal count.  Don’t miss it!

PRISM '18 Schedule - Saturday 3/24
Date Topic Speaker
6:00 pm Multigenerational Community Shannon Scott
6:45 pm Fellowship Meal in Family Life Center (Keith's Corner Cafe)
7:15 pm Purposeful Prayer Jarrod Scott
PRISM '18 Schedule - Sunday 3/25
Date Topic Speaker
9:00 am Incarnate Mission Dr. Wayne McDill
10:30 am Structured Discipleship Matthew McDill
6:00 pm Proclaimed Word Jimmy Blythe
6:45 pm Fellowship Meal in Family Life Center (Pizza)
7:00 pm Relational Authenticity Joshua Blythe