As our church family grew in our understanding of our new vision and core values in 2018, God used last year’s first ever PRISM Conference to help us apply these principles more faithfully. Just as a prism can break a single ray of ordinary white light into the seven colors of the spectrum, our prayer for this conference each year is that God would take some aspect of our spiritual lives in the context of our local church and make it an unmistakable, beautiful display of His glory to the world. This year, the PRISM Conference is back with a specific focus on our theme “Community on Mission”. All of our teaching sessions, worship times, and fellowship meals will focus on how we can more faithfully live in biblical community with each other at MVBC as we seek to fulfill our vision – “to be a caring community…” Intentionally make plans to be here Saturday evening and Sunday and be praying now for God to move amongst our church in a fresh way!

Childcare: for Birth-Preschool will be available all sessions. All parents of children who will be in nursery/preschool childare on Saturday and/or Sunday evening of the conference are kindly asked to RSVP to Dana Keefer at

New this year: Prism Kids (K-6th grade) breakout sessions. See the schedule below.

PRISM ’19 Session Schedule

Saturday 3/2

6:00 pm – “Intentionality: Biblical Community Doesn’t Happen by Accident (It Must Be Pursued)”

6:45 pm – Fellowship Meal

7:15 pm – “Lifestyle: Biblical Community as an Expression of Lives Changed by Christ”
(Also: Kids’ breakout session at this time)

Sunday 3/3

9:00 am – “Proclamation: Why the Word Provides the Foundation for Biblical Community”
(Also: Kids’ breakout session at this time)

10:00 am – Refreshments

10:30 am – “Relationship: Biblical Community as an Admission of our Need for Christ and His People”
(Also: Kids’ breakout session at this time)

6:00 pm – “Application: How Biblical Community Provokes Personal Obedience”

6:45 pm – Pizza Supper

7:15 pm – Discussion of Next Steps by MVBC Pastoral Staff
(Also: Kids’ breakout session at this time)