As part of the GROW aspect of our MVBC Discipleship Pathway, we publish a set of weekly Household Bible Readings that are coordinated with each week’s sermon and Life Group discussion questions. Our desire for HBR is to provide an easy way for our families to gather and read the scriptures 2-3 times a week while reinforcing the key themes of each sermon series.

The current schedule of Household Bible Readings is listed below. The current set of Life Group discussion guides can be downloaded here.

May 1

Numbers 15 – Drink Offerings in OT
Matthew 21:28-32 – Jesus as a Drink Offering

May 8

Romans 1:8-15 – Longing to See God’s People
Titus 2:1-10 – Multigenerational Community & Discipleship

May 15

2 Samuel 24 – David Sins At End of Life
John 3:1-21 – Born of Spirit, Not of Flesh

May 22

Isaiah 43:16-21 – Forget Former Things
Isaiah 45:9-10 – Remember Former Things

May 29

Matthew 18:15-20 – Pursuing Reconciliation within the Body
Romans 12:9-21 – Living in Honor & Peace