Mount Vernon Baptist Church (MVBC) seeks for its facilities and properties to be vessels used for the furthering of the Kingdom of God and the gospel of Christ. With this primary endeavor in mind, MVBC wishes to serve church members and the community at large in events requiring facilities that the church has. Thus, so long as it is not in contradiction with the MVBC Constitution, Operation Manual, or with other activities already scheduled, the appropriate church facilities may be used by approved ministries, families, and community groups.

All reservation requests for the use of rooms or buildings are made through the Church Office as soon as possible but no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event. Reservation requests will be processed on a first come-first serve basis based upon the completion of the proper reservation forms.

Any person or group wishing to use the facilities at Mount Vernon Baptist Church should download and review the Facility Usage Handbook.  A Facility Reservation Request form is included in the handbook.

Please click here for a campus map.

Download the Facility Usage Handbook