Mount Vernon is a missional faith community reaching out to Jerusalem (Raleigh), Judea (North Carolina) and Samaria (United States), and to all the world (Benin, Honduras) following our Lord’s command (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8).  We invite you to join us on mission for the Lord in 2020 as we serve alongside our fellow laborers on the mission field and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ!

2021 Missions Schedule

In May our church sent a team of 18 young adults to Pennsylvania to work with a small Hispanic church to produce a Bible School.  Also in July a team of 10 traveled to Casper, Wyoming, to cook for a youth camp.  Plans for 2022 have not yet been finalized.  However, we are investigating travel to New Mexico, Ecuador, Hungary, Columbia and Benin.

2020 Missions Schedule

Destination: Hungary, Eastern Europe
Purpose: Our team will work with other church groups in partnership with NC Baptist Men and Hungarian Baptist Aid to provide summer bible camps in community schools.

Destination: Benin, West Africa
Purpose: A team led by Pastor Joshua Blythe will travel to Benin to assist our partners with Reach the Rest in church planting efforts among the unreached Kotafon people group.

Destination: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Purpose: This team of young adults will be led by David Ethridge.  They will be assisting the Iglesia La Fuente church plant in evangelistic outreach to their community in inner-city Harrisburg.

Destination: New Mexico
Purpose: Our team of 8-10 will cook for a youth camp held at Inlow Baptist Camp in the mountains of New Mexico.

Destination: Alaska
Purpose: Our youth will travel to Alaska to do ministry work and outreach to children in local parks.

Destination: Raleigh
Purpose: Mission Raleigh provides a combination worship service and food pantry outreach every other Thursday at old Mount Vernon on Durant Road.