We believe that all budgets–individual and corporate–are moral documents; every budget tacitly endorses one set of activities and outcomes over others.  Further, we hold that all MVBC resources are a stewardship from God and must always reflect the vision and values He has given to our faith family in this time and place.  In the spirit of transparency, congregational polity, and our value of Relational Authenticity, we publish our budget publicly for the prayerful consideration and edification of the body.

MVBC Church Budget 2023

Each fall, our church has the privilege of coming together to prayerfully review and approve a financial plan for ministry for the upcoming year that helps us fulfill our church’s vision “to be a caring community of disciple-makers proclaiming Christ at every opportunity.” To this end, the MVBC Financial Stewardship Committee (FSC) is grateful to present the proposed 2023 budget to the MVBC church body for review ahead of our Annual Church Family Meeting on Sunday, November 13, 2022. Paper copies of the proposed church budget for 2023 are also available in both foyers of the church sanctuary.

View/Download the Proposed 2023 Budget

As you review the proposed budget for 2023, prayerfully consider your part as a member at MVBC in advancing the vision God has given us through your personal stewardship.